People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

By Mohit Kalra 

god-reveals-truthThe Lord will often surprise you with the way he reveals the truth.

For months now we as a group have been grappling with a situation we all have known to be bizarre, untrue, motivated and yet something that’s affected our lives in ways we wouldn’t have liked. But we’ve all been going through it just knowing that we are in the right and the claims / allegations being levelled against the company are baseless and purely motivated.

In any complaint what is most important are the facts behind the complaint, motivation of the complainant and then of course the credibility /mental state of the complainant. The facts of the complaint against QNet have been discussed many times over and we all know them to be bizarre. Yet for those of you who haven’t been following the same then here is a recap of the facts of the case.

Case Facts:

  • The original complaint involving Gurupreet Singh Anand was officially closed on May 18, 2013. The complainant, Parmeet Kaur (Gurupreet’s wife), vide a letter dated 18th May 2013 withdrew the complaint and submitted a letter to the Police Sub-Inspector of Oshiwara Police Station giving an undertaking in writing that she is not interested to press the case further against the Company.
  • Three months after the case being closed and the complaint being withdrawn, the husband (Gurupreet Singh Anand) filed the same case in the same police station and a Rs. 30,000 mis-selling case was immediately transferred to the Mumbai EOW. Bizarre isn’t it?
  • The FIR filed suggests that the complainant, Parmeet Kaur, is saying that she was mis-sold a product and later threatened to pay for the product by three IRs of QNet – Mr. Navjyot, Ms. Mercila and Ms. Chinar Surendra. As long as the products sold by QNet are ok, this is basically a consumer complaint against 3 distributors of the company and should be treated as such. This does not seem to be a matter for the EOW yet is being “investigated” by the EOW.
  • While Parmeet Kaur claims to have “bought” a Bio Disc, she actually “bought” an e-learning product. Why is she claiming to have “bought” a Bio Disc when she actually “bought” something else?
  • Parmeet Kaur bounced the cheque she had given for the payment against the purchase of the e-learning product. So technically, she has made no purchase.
  • How did Gurupreet get the Bio Disc that he brandishes on TV? The way he carries the Bio Disc, he tends to suggest on TV that he has bought the Bio Disc. This is not true.
  • The Independent Representatives (IRs) are not employees of the company. They are independent distributors on a contract. Vihaan, when registered with the RoC, has clearly mentioned in the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association that it is a direct selling / MLM / network marketing company that will promote its business in India through IRs. So as long as the company is not deemed illegal by the court, the IRs are doing no wrong in promoting this business while the investigation continues.
  • 9 IRs were detained in this investigation against the company. These IRs have nothing to do with the 3 IRs against whom the original complaint was filed. Why were they then detained? Is there a legal basis for this especially when every IR would be willing to be investigated without detainment?
  • As long as QNet is legally operating in India and the IRs are abiding by all Indian laws, is it not their constitutional right to earn a living and live a life of freedom without fear. In the current happenings, is it fair that these basic rights be taken away from a QNet IR when they have done no wrong?
  • QNet has no shell companies in India. It has a company named Transview which is a Master Franchisor FDI company that officially imports the products into India by paying all liable duties. Vihaan is a fully Indian company and has the Franchisee rights for promoting QNet in India.
  • QNet products are not token products. There is a wide variety of products with great value and a strong consumer proposition. All these products have all necessary certifications by leading and credible agencies across the world.

The Complainant:

For months now Gurupreet Singh Anand has claimed to be the saviour of the nation and is promoting himself as the vigilante trying to save the nation from foreign forces of capitalism (sic). And now what has happened yesterday clearly demonstrates the mental state /credibility of this person. He was arrested yesterday by the Mumbai Police for beating up his own father with an iron rod and then leaving him lying on the ground while his old father was bleeding profusely. Someone who beats his own old parents is in my opinion, lower than the scum of the earth and deserves the worst. This man is obviously sick in the head and needs urgent medical help, but that should happen drug-abuseafter the police are through with him. Please note that the complaint against him was filed by his own father, who went with his daughter who is Gurupreet’s own sister to file the complaint with the Police. Imagine the level of their helplessness that they took the drastic step of filing a police complaint against their own son and brother in a country where parents have been known to defend their children for practically everything. Obviously it was not triggered by this one incident but was a result of years of depravation and craziness that they have faced at his hands. For Gurupreet there has been a long history of such incidents including many years of drug abuse. And this is the person who on media and otherwise has been taking the high ground on morality and right vs wrong (sic sic).

This incident also begs the question to be asked that under what circumstances and pressure would his wife have been forced by him to re-file the complaint against QNet that she had withdrawn months earlier. We truly feel sorry for his family for what they have been going through for so many years.

choked-lies-qnetAnd this incident would obviously force his backers who are using him as a front to revaluate their poster boy because they obviously missed their mark in choosing this Singh as the front for their attack on QNet. Guess, its time for them to find a new face who is willing to openly lie and construe imaginary tales on their behalf to malign and try and harm a great company. What say Madam… have you already had that emergency call with your backers for whom you are leading this front? Yes even Madam is a front! And of course now all the “insiders” and opportunists are also running and hiding and ditching the ship as they backed the wrong person.

I’m also guessing that now the media will think twice before giving column space or airtime to such a con artist and morally debauched person, something we’ve been imploring the media to do which is just simply to check their facts and not just go with sensationalism.

Finally, I think the bizarreness of this entire case is now coming through… we have already known the case facts to be bizarre, now the complainant whom we have known for quite some time to be motivated by other people for money and “fame” and being crazy enough to lead such a smear campaign has been shown to be irrational and not of a sound mind. I am sure now that the EOW having investigated for 6 months and not having found a single shred of wrong doing despite 15,000 pages of documents, innumerable interviews with IRs, company officials and very soon now with “celebrities” associated with QNet and despite the media circus surrounding the entire case would now look to wind down the investigation because the fact is that this is a great company, run by honest people who are truly looking to make a difference in the world and Raise the Bar Higher and have done no wrong. We still trust the law of the land and the executive of the law and hope that the EOW will do its best to present the true picture to the people of this nation.

And lastly, Mr. Gurupreet… pehle apna ghar bachao… desh hum bachaa lenge.

Epilogue: On this blog we have till now refrained from going personal against any of the perpetrators of this case despite due provocation, personal threats that we have received and many many smears levelled personally against us in the online and other spaces but this piece is written to duly demonstrate that at the end of the day the “chief perpetrator” is actually someone who should ideally be locked up as he is not only a danger to his own family but the society at large (as we have sadly seen).

And Its a Goooaaallll!

epl-soccer-cartoonSome say that Football is a game about feelings. Some say that football is an art, like dancing is an art. Some say that it is a simple game of passing and receiving the ball. Football, no doubt, is one of the simplest games on the planet and maybe that’s why it is the most popular sport in the world! It is believed that football has more than 3 billion fans across the world.

Football is a team game and all the players work together on the football field for a common goal – Score a Goal and Win! QNet and Football draw a great parallel. Football is a team game and so is our Network Marketing Business – A pure team based business! Even more interestingly, in QNet business, as in football, one won’t go far unless he/she knows where the goal posts are. In our business, that simply refers to “Vision”.

QNet is a global business opportunity and it realises the importance of building the QNET brand globally. Given the parallel it draws with Sports, what better global sport than football, which is played and watched by millions all over the world! football_tv_illustration

QNet has been associated with football for quite sometime. They started their association with Football during the 2006 FIFA World Cup and soon the company served as the direct selling partner of the Asian Football League. In 2012, QNet started supporting International football matches like England Vs Holland at Wembley, England.

The English Premier League, which is also promoted as “The Greatest Show on Earth”, is broadcasted to more than 600 million people in more than 200 countries worldwide. Particularly in Asia, the English Premier League is the most widely distributed sports programme. QNet made its match-supporting debut in the EPL during the 2013-2014 season when it supported the Manchester United Vs Swansea City match on August 17, 2013.

For QNet, The English football fever isn’t over yet! All you crazy EPL football fans mark Saturday, Swansea-City-Vs-Arsenal-Watch-Win-ContestSept 28 on your calendar because QNet is going to the Liberty Stadium and will be supporting the Arsenal Vs Swansea City English Premier League football match.

Now temme something… How many Indian companies have you seen supporting the EPL matches? Madam, aap bhi please dhyaan dein… How many “scams” have you seen supporting or sponsoring any match in the EPL!?! Yaad aa jaaye, toh batana. ;-)

Dear friends, that’s not all… Our very cool company is also running a contest, which can make you win a smart Bernhard H Mayer Swiss watch! Enter Watch the Game & Win a Watch Contest and you could be the lucky one to own a sexy Swiss Made!

Madam, aap bhi mauke pe chauka (Oh Sorry… I mean Goal) maar hi do is baar… Gussa thook do aur ghar le aao the cool BHM “Spit”Fire watch! ;-)

Have fun and enjoy the match… We wish good luck to all the contest participants!

Thank You Madam!

Over the last 4 weeks since the media and allied circus started around the QNet India operations, there has been a lot of stuff thrown up by the “other side”. As we sift through this stuff and try to make sense of what is happening and fail to do so as most of the stuff being thrown up ranges from the absurd to the totally bizarre. Over the last few weeks we have tried to respond to this stuff but it sometimes becomes difficult to go through all the trash that is being dished out on a famous, sorry, now the infamous website… In fact sometimes when I needed a laugh I did log on to that website and read some of the latest fiction being manufactured there. But now I have stopped doing that as after going through it for about 3 mins or so, my head starts swimming because the mind can only accommodate as much fiction, especially when the fiction is so bizarre in nature. So as a result I have stopped entertaining myself with BrokeLife anymore. Madam, while we know that you have a wildly imaginative team working full time to create the fiction who also hide behind various aliases, especially in the comments section, but ek din toh sabko uppar waale ko jawaab dena padega… Exposing a scam is one thing, creating one is another… sometimes once you’ve achieved a certain amount of glory in your life, you need to live with it… I’m sorry Madam… the scam hunt here is going to get wasted.

What we have also tried to do here at this blog is to keeps things non-personal and only limited to facts but I guess somewhere we have done the unthinkable and hurt the ego of some of the people on the “other side” so now they have got personal. I think it is our shayari that isn’t going down too well… but then again, somewhere we also have the right to have a little bit of fun. A little smile never hurt anyone Madam, toh smile please as there are two new pieces of shayari that we have put together for you. Anyways, no problem Madam… aap likho… hum yeh bhi seh lenge.

So while we have chosen not to react to the personal attacks that the contributors of this blog are facing because its plain silly, there were a couple of questions being raised there which deserved to be answered so am going to try and do that today.

The first big question that has been doing the rounds lately has been that the CEO of QNet India, Suresh Thimri has denied being the CEO of QNet India in his anticipatory bail application. Wow! Really?? Now, lets look at the facts. Suresh Thimri is the CEO of Transview Enterprises which is a licensee of the QNet brand in India and Vihaan Direct Selling India is the franchisee appointed by business and brandsTransview and have marketing rights for the brand and products of QNet in India. So all Suresh Thimri said in his application was the fact that he is not the CEO of Vihaan the company and he did not say that he is not the CEO for QNet the brand. I hope Madam you understand the difference between a company and a brand. Let me explain, so for example if tomorrow you decide that Pizza Hut is a scam and there is a case registered against (God forbid) Pizza Hut in Mumbai, then Mr. Niren Chaudhary the President of Yum! Restaurants India will say that he has no relationship with Devyani International Limited who will be the defendants as they operate the restaurant. Why? Because while Yum! Restaurants India owns the Pizza Hut brand in India, Devyani International Limited is the franchisee that operates the restaurants on the ground.

is-it-legalAlthough, the question that one should really be asking is how a court document (which was published on the website) which is not yet public as the matter is still sub judice, came into the possession of the owners /publishers of the website and how was it published??? Is this even legal??? Shouldn’t the Police be looking in this direction as well or is it all a cozy arrangement??? Hmmmm… Interesting Madam, very interesting….

The second question being debated hotly is why the VCon UAE became ReVCon UAE i.e. why the VCon was scaled down. The reason is simple, this year there were supposed to be two VCons, V-Malaysia (which has already happened) and V-UAE (which has become ReVCon UAE) V-Malaysia was meant for participants from the Indian Sub-continent, South-East Asia and some European nations and the V-UAE was meant for participants from the Middle-East, Africa and other European nations. Now V-Malaysia happened as planned and V-UAE was announced a few months back. At the V-UAE the biggest contingent of participants was expected from Egypt & Syria but due to the unrest and the current situation there, the no. of participants from Egypt & Syria obviously dropped drastically because of travel advisories, visa restrictions by the UAE Government and simply because our Egyptian and Syrian brothers and sisters had to manage their house first. So therefore as a company what should QNet do… scale down the event. So how is there a conspiracy in this? What the hoo-ha-hoo for??

And Madam, its VCon not We-Con… “We Con”, I know is like the tag-line for your website so must be close to your heart but we are VCon… Sorry!!!

insider-informationRest there is a lot of other crap that’s written there, daily exposés, insiders giving inside information (by the way we know the insider now… run buddy run… LOL) etc. but frankly I tried and tried and yet again tried to find something that was worth replying to but drew a complete blank so nothing more to reply to.

A lot of you would also be wondering about the title of this post and asking why I am thanking Madam… well because I think that this entirethank-you-madam episode is a blessing in disguise. Because sometimes right has to fight wrong, and win! And then only right becomes right. So we know that we are right, but the world will now very soon know that we are right because we will be proved right, again. In the court of law and the court of the people. And hopefully this incident will also shake our Government out of their inertia into finally getting the Network Marketing laws into the country. So thank you Madam for this, aap nahi hote, toh shayad aaj yeh sab nahi hotah, aur yeh sab nahi hotah to humne jo ab paya hai woh kaise hotah. (you can obviously guess that I am not the shayar behind the shayari ;-)

strong-network-business-communityWhat this has also shown the world and to us too is that as a community today, as a network, we are much stronger than before and that we are prepared to fight for what is right and what is our right because we know that we are right. Very soon the light will start filtering through the fog and soon it will be a nice, bright and sunny day once again. And this resilience that we have shown today as a group and a community is what is really bothering our detractors because they expected us to fold over and disintegrate when this saga started but the exact opposite of that has happened. Because what the “other side” didn’t know perhaps was the quality of this network. This proud network is built with ultra successful individuals coming together as one community who share a common belief and are dreamers who are ready to pitch in and fight the dream stealers, because these are our dreams you are trying to steal and no one does that Madam. So Madam, thank you once again for trying to steal our dream but you’ll need to do brokelife angry madammuch better than this. What you thought of as a hurricane that you had created and what would wash us away is not even a storm in a coffee cup ;-) So take a few more years, try and find at least one thing that is wrong about us and then try to come after us again. But again, we will fight for what is right and what is our right.

And Madam, nothing personal… we love you… next time though…. Raise the Bar Higher!

I want to sign off this post with an excerpt from a very famous speech in a movie called “Independence Day” which one of our readers posted in the comments section, something that has been very dear to me as well for many years… (Thanks Shadow for this)

“We are fighting for our right to LIVE… We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!! We’re going to live on!!! We’re going to survive!!!!”

Raise the Bar Higher!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Journalism Dead in India – Cheer Up People!

BREAKING NEWS: Journalism Dead in India – Cheer Up People! 

yellow journalismAs we see around us the depths to which some media or self proclaimed media have plummeted to and made a complete mockery of journalism in India, we at Kyun QNet have got inspired to compose a new piece of shayari in their honour. This shayari is our tribute to the highest standard of yellow journalism being exhibited in India over the last few weeks, which has just shown that journalism in this country has become nothing but scam-mongering and sensationalism.

And Madam, sachi mein, nothing personal… we love you… ab toh thoda sa muskurah do… Come on Madam… Smile Please! ;-)

Listen to the Kyun Qnet Dead Journalism Shayari. Right click to save it locally. Enjoy people!

Statutory Warning: Old IPC Laws are Dangerous for the Nation

outdated-indian-laws1One of the most famous filmy dialogues ever was that ‘Kanoon Ke Haath Bahut Lambe Hote Hain’. Correct, they are as long as they get.

But Hindustaani Kanoon ke haathon ki lakeeren thodi puraani ho gayi hain.

And ladies and gents – that’s an unfortunate fact.

Lets not even get into our – the Network Marketing Industry. As this blog is all about that anyways. But everywhere else … so many important aspects of the Indian society – the laws are way too outdated and archaic – to say the least. And at quite a few places – regrettably – unfair.

Indian-Penal-Code-1860Historically, laws are made on the basis of customs and Indian law, made ages ago is also based on customs, nevertheless there are other sources like legislation etc. The Indian Penal Code that came into force in 1860 is still valid and is all-inclusive and is capable of dealing with the present situations as well. A few amendments here and there are not enough to deal with the present conditions. It is not only outdated but also lacks proper implementation.

Take for instance the laws around ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ laws. Although I’m no lawyer – not even close to it – but this and related laws are from the early 1900s. And this law has been majorly used in case of car crashes, hit & run cases etc. No wonder, when this law was made – the only strata of society who could afford cars in India were Brits and Upper Class Indians who would support the Queen’s Rule. And to safeguard them – this law was created.

You can go on and on about such archaic laws. Take the Indian ‘Drinking Age’ laws for instance. The Punjab Excise Act, which is in force in Delhi and various other places, dates to 1914. It makes legal drinking age to 25. I am also aware of another 63-year-old prohibition law requiring every adult above the age of 25 to get (and always carry when drinking) a drinking permit in Maharashtra but it’s never been taken seriously — until a rave party hogged media headlines.

Let’s not talk about laws like the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act (1948), Bombay Police Act (1951) and the Bombay Prohibition Act (1949). How about a law that’s a wee bit older? As in – Section 124(A) of the Indian Penal Code (1870) – check it out – this provision is used (and has been recently used more than a couple of times) in case you write something on any social networking site that does not go in agreement with some people. An 1870 law applied to social networking site users. That’s how cool it is!

Here’s one more. In the colonial era, the government passed the ‘Lepers Act, 1898’ to protect the society from infection due to leprosy. At that time there was no cure for leprosy. People feared leprosy because of its disfiguring nature and the resultant social stigma. There was a need to protect the society from leprosy. On the basis of ‘Lepers Act, 1898’, many laws were framed, which are in force even now. We know about 8 such laws. Most of them have personal laws, which have provisions for divorce on the grounds of a partner suffering from incurable and virulent leprosy. In the early 1980s, Multi-Drug Therapy (MDT) as a complete cure for leprosy was introduced. As leprosy has become completely curable and there was no need to segregate people affected by leprosy, ‘Lepers Act, 1898’ was repealed in 1985. Ironically, even though ‘Lepers Act, 1898’ was repealed, the laws that were framed on the basis of the ‘Lepers Act, 1898’ have not been repealed yet. It is pertinent to note that these laws were framed when leprosy was considered incurable. Now, since leprosy is completely curable, there is no justification for these laws to exist. These laws discriminate against people affected by leprosy and they are a violation of their human rights.

This is unending. The laws around Rent (Bombay Rent Act 1947 / Delhi Rent Control Act 1958) are well known for ruining the lives of many a landlord. Many personal laws are so old that it’s funny to read them and apply them to the modern day society.

Another interesting fact is ‘amendments’. I would not get into details – but its pretty obvious that amendments to both major and minor laws are only taken up if major vested financial interests are there. Otherwise – its usually a typical Indian ‘taarikh par taarikh’ scenario.

Of course, there is no clear conclusion. And needless to say – quicker and clear amendments as well as revised / re-revised and new laws – are the need of the hour.

But more holistically speaking – one important thing that India needs to do – is simplify the laws – in a way that everyone understands it.  Right now it’s so complex and so ambiguous that nobody really knows what it’s all about! And because of so much ambiguity – it creates many gray areas – which breeds’ corruption amongst other things, endlessly. Point to be noted is that if there is no ambiguity – someone just cant come to me to demand money to do some work, isn’t it? The English largely created these laws – because, perhaps they wanted a situation like this, so that they could interpret it whichever way they want. They would want to pick up anyone the next morning – the reason as per law – should be good enough to do so. We have still kept the same laws and even today its true – the law can come and pick you or me up – and we would have no freaking idea what we have done? And they can produce some law / some number / some damn act I may not be aware of and they can say you did this. Because the laws are so equivocal. These laws are good to control foreign nations when you occupy them, not for our nation to move ahead. Way, way too much vagueness.

Traditionally, I am from the media and advertising industry – a somewhat creative field – as it’s commonly believed. And I read this by Mark Twain a few years back – ‘only one thing is impossible for God, to find any sense in any copyright law on the planet’. If he were alive now, he would say the same things for quite a few Indian laws.

I reiterate, am no lawyer. And all the above are either from the Internet or various discussions with Lawyer friends (yeah … we can call a few lawyers – ‘friends’).

Enough said.

Have a good one, and keep on – perpetually – raising the bar higher.

15 Baras Ho Gaye Par Aap Ab Tak Kyun Nahi Barse Madam? – Cheer Up People!

QNet 15 Anniversary

Well, it is a momentous occasion that QNet turns 15 so we thought of celebrating it a little bit more. Toh baccha log bajao taali because we’ve put together the second Shayari.

arz-kiya-hai-qnet-15-shayariSo hopefully while you read the serious stuff around QNet’s 15th Anniversary, here’s something that should give you another smile, make you laugh or just make you wonder about the foolishness of the whole thing, again.

And Madam, sachchi mein, nothing personal… Hum aapke saath heinab toh thoda sa muskurah do… Come on Madam… Smile Please! ;-)  smile please madam

Give it a listen here - KyunQnet 15 Anniversary Shayari

Download the Shayari – Right Click on the link above and Click “Save Target/Link” to download the Kyun QNet 15th Anniversary Shayari. Have a blast!

The Great QNet Scam: 15 years and counting!

15-years-qnetThe Great QNet Scam: 15 years and counting!

QNet has completed 15 years of scamming the world today. If for 15 years they have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of every government in the world, every authority, every court and about 9 million people and yet haven’t got convicted of any wrong doing anywhere in the world then I think we can safely call this company the Greatest Scam ever! And I think they deserve a standing ovation for doing so!!

Commendable don’t you think or maybe, just maybe its not a scam after all.

The dictionary describes a scam as “a fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit”. I think at least the dictionary meaning of a scam doesn’t any longer apply to QNet for neither is it a “scheme” but a solid business plan nor is it here to make a quick profit because for those of you who didn’t know, its QNet’s 15th Birthday today! If they were here to make a quick profit and run then don’t you think 15 years is a long time to wait before making a run for it. And by the way they are still not showing any signs of running away, in fact, all signs to the contrary, they seem to be wanting to stay here and continue the scam for a few decades more.

But why do some people think of or accuse QNet of being a scam?


The fact that QNet is labeled as a scam (by a few) is largely a function of the industry it is part of. Network Marketing from its inception has been under the scanner as like any other new industry it threatens an existing establishment. Who does Network Marketing really threaten though? The very people who are making the noise of course, which is why they make the noise! As an industry all Network Marketing does, is that it cuts out the spends on Marketing, Advertising & Distribution and gives that same money to its distributors or representatives. Therefore the one existing industry that really feels threatened by Network Marketing is the Media as their only line of revenue is advertising revenue and when Network Marketing becomes bigger and bigger it will eventually start impacting the revenues of the media houses. So, if you were a media mogul or boss, what would you tell your reporters… simple, don’t just let the industry or the future players survive… make sure you paint a picture that convinces ordinary people of the industry and its players as a scam! At the end of the day, it is an industry that lets ordinary people create extra ordinary wealth by ensuring that instead of a few people (read media houses, corporate honchos, big distributors /retailers) getting very robin-hood-kyun-qnetrich, a lot of people (read ‘us’) get a little rich. And within this industry, QNet in just 15 years has become the fastest growing company oops fastest growing scam in the world! I can bet, if QNet had been retailing these very products out of supermarkets and spending a lot of money on advertising its brand in newspapers and television, then by now they would have probably been hailed as a corporate icon instead of a scam. If I were you, I would think of QNet as the modern day Robin Hood!!!

Personally if you ask me, I think its just because QNet is a bit ahead of its time and is beyond the comprehension of these people who want to therefore label it a scam. So if you don’t understand something, just call it a scam. History is witness that most major inventions were initially thought of as scams or frauds and their inventors labeled as scammers or lunatics or crackpots. Some were shunned, some were ridiculed, some were persecuted and some were burnt.  But today, they are all hailed as geniuses who changed the course of history. Because eventually, true creativity can only be achieved if you take your mind to limits that are beyond the ordinary visible extremes. Now these extremes might appear to be ridiculous to some (in authority or in media). Thus it becomes a test of your nerves and ultimately what you are made of to pursue your idea or to give it up. After all, Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. So if someone today finds a cure for cancer, the chances are that they will also be labeled as scams or frauds till enough people actually get cured. Similarly, because QNet has found a cure for financial cancer, it too gets labeled as a scam till enough people actually get cured!

Another possible reason why QNet gets labeled (by a few) as a scam is because the very proposition it purports is a bit ridiculous for most people. Financial Freedom. Especially ridiculous for the people who are financially free to let others join that exclusive club. Its like apartheid or segregation or discrimination… whatever you may want to call it, its an attempt by the minority to keep out the majority. But a few morons who do not listen will still go out, find a rooftop and will keep shouting that its possible till the ridiculous dream becomes a reality. All great things invented and achieved in history have been the contribution of these ‘morons’. Let me describe a few of these morons…

caution-moron-kyun-qnetMorons are the ones who challenge the status quo because they do not like to settle for a lesser life…

Morons are the ones who don’t want to wake up one day, look back and regret…

Morons are the rule amenders… the game changers… the industry shapers…

Morons are the lesser mortals who dare to dream…

Let’s take a short walk back into time and meet the ones who got ridiculed, who got challenged but who were moronic enough to follow a dream…

The man who put a lot of light in our lives. Thomas Alva Edison.

The man who went about connecting people. Alexander Graham Bell.

The man who ushered in the Industrial Era. Henry Ford.

The men who gave us wings to explore the world. Wright Brothers.

The man who put a computer in every house. Bill Gates.

The man who created a computer for the rest of us. Steve Jobs.

The man who challenged every existing rule of business. Richard Branson.

The man who gave us a free India. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

The list is endless but the common thread amongst all these people was that these were the people who were plain and simple morons who challenged convention, broke conventional boundaries and explored beyond the ordinary and eventually changed the course of history and shaped the future.

Billion-Hearts-Kyun-QNetTwo such morons 15 years back took upon themselves to change things around in the world a bit and created a company called QNet. And as these morons celebrate the 15th Birthday of their dream, they continue to touch a few more lives and a few more hearts around the world and I know they will not rest till they have touched a billion hearts… oops again, scammed a billion hearts.

So here’s raising a toast to the longest running scam in history. May this scam continue forever. And as I write this today and get a little philosophical and glassy eyed at this poignant moment, I take a quote from Steve Jobs because I think that it best describes the people who have created this crazy dream and morons like us who continue to live and work for this dream called QNet:

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square dato-vijay-eswaran-japadas-bismarkholes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs

To the two crazy ones… Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran & Japadas Bismark… Happy Birthday!

Is QNet a Scam or any kind of a Cult?

You Have A Right To Do And What Is Right To Do!

So lately I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the “presumed” legal status of QNet and even more so, the ethics with which the business is done. Objections and statements ranging from the standard, it’s a scam… To it’s banned… To playing with people’s emotions to some strange ones like the use hypnosis and brain washing to the big one… QNet is a cult and an unethical one at that.

My first reaction is WOW… Some people really do have an active imagination!! Anyway, I’m a reasonable person and I will address all questions…the good, the bad and the silly. While many of the legal queries have been addressed in earlier posts, do watch this space for more on that… let me just talk about the ethics with which QNet does business.

code-of-ehtics-kyun-qnetAnyone who’s been involved with the business or has actually taken the time out to visit the portal, will realise that there is a very stringent and elaborate Code of Ethics right there on the home page of the website. It’s actually accessible for everyone to see, even if they are not a part of the business. It is accessible for general public for a reason… And the reason is, that individuals have the right to know the ethos and ethics of how business is done BEFORE they partner. It is accessible so that people may use that information to make an informed decision! AND THAT for me is the FIRST step to doing business ethically!!!! From the Code Of Conduct and Obligations of an IR to the Application of this Code of Ethics and an Oath is written down in black and white in order to remove all shades of grey!

Servant-Leadership-Kyun-QNetAnd that’s not all… The complete business Policies & Procedures are clearly re-iterated at the time of registering and purchasing, binding every network marketer to strict regulations and agreements. Any minor or serious breach of company codes or Policies & Procedures results in immediate action being taken against those involved. QNet like many other long-standing direct selling companies believes in achieving strong long-term growth and stability by creating a culture of ethical marketing. So much so, that multiple trainings and leadership development programmes are entirely centered around this very subject that the company takes extremely seriously. The QNet philosophy of RHYTHM and Servant Leadership are testimony to the fact that QNet takes the journey of this business to a deeper level of human understanding and compassion. In fact one of the largest teams within the QNet franchise takes the subject of Ethics and doing business the right way as a cornerstone of the business. How can a company like this condone unethical behaviour? It’s not in their DNA!

While the company and various teams do their best to keep things in the clear and make sure people understand the importance of Ethical Business Practices like not over promising or mis-representing the effort required or not being frank in general, there is always… and I mean always… one MORON out there who decides to flout all norms and training and the advice of peers.  But frankly that’s not a problem exclusive to us… Its an EPIDEMIC and exists in almost every company… Every industry… Every country! Allow me to elaborate…

moron-kyun-qnetCompanies like Citibank, Lehmann Brothers, Standard Chartered, Reebok, HDFC… Very successful… Definitely legal… And frankly with strict codes of ethics, have also had the above said “MORON” in their midst. No one is immune! It is an epidemic and no vaccination has yet been invented for common sense. But in defence of companies who have had a moron or two, I would like to say that just because one person flouted the norm, at no point does that make the company a scam and / or an unethical company… It just makes them companies who have had a Moron who took advantage… Makes them companies that have learned from misdemeanours of the said “Moron” and strengthened their policies and procedures to reduce further misuse by potential morons in the future.

A lot of jabber about scams and hypnosis and cheating people comes from not knowing the real story. Try asking about your 5 year plan from your boss – The answer will range from the ambiguous to the insane and if nothing else works…. Yup… You guessed it… Hypnotic brain washing…. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME FOR THE RIGHT QUESTION… YOU DONT NEED A SALARY HIKE…. YOU DONT….. Well, you get the drift!! The only way to really sift fact from fiction is… Well… Just that! Let me state some facts for you:

QNet has been in India for 11 years… Which is testimony to the fact that it is not a fly by night operator or a company promoting a get rich quick scheme.

QNet has a registered office in India and has various legal documents like PAN, TAN etc to be a legal entity in India and conduct its business legally.

QNet has never been convicted in a court of law in any country in the world they distribute products and services in.

All the above facts just clearly prove that QNet is here to stay… QNet is here to help people change their lives for the better… QNet encourages, promotes and does its best to percolate best practices and ethical behaviour within the network.

QNet-ScamIs then, QNet a SCAM or some kind of a CULT? The definition of a cult as per the webster dictionary: formal religious veneration, great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement or work. Some of the better known cults and rather esteemed clubs of exclusive cults with cult like following:

Apple, Harley Davidson, Google, Ferrari, Manchester United and lots more!

So, if QNet is a cult, then it’s an ethical one and frankly, a damn good one! And if it’s a scam, then it’s a scam that teaches you to give back to society… It’s a cult that promotes humility through its philosophy of servant leadership… It’s a scam that encourages you to fly and soar and gives you a platform to reach your potential! The roots of the company run deeper than most of these baseless whimsical scam rumours.

If you’ve managed to stay with me so far, I’m guessing that you’re willing to comprehend and understand the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do… A difference that QNet understands very very well… And understanding that difference… Is Ethics, my friend!


For the sake of reference and ease of research, I give you a brief list of the top scams the country has seen:

As described by Wikipedia:

Incase you don’t get time to read… It has names like Vodafone, LIC Housing and literally every State of India! But frankly, we still buy products from and use services of some of the companies listed in the article… My question is “Why”?

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Written by “Ton”

Bade Bade Shehron Mein Chhoti Chhoti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hain… Cheer up People!

keep-calm-raise-the-bar-higher-kyun-qnetJab bade bade shehron mein itni choti choti baatein hoti hein toh thoda muskurah ke aisi baaton ko taal do.

Boys & Girls while we have been putting together this blog over the last few weeks and as the full circus now rolls into town we thought of also having a little bit of fun while we write about the serious stuff. So as a first attempt, we’ve put together a little bit of Shayari that will tickle your funny bone. So have a laugh, shake your head at the foolishness of the circus and go on and continue to do what you do best… Raise the Bar Higher!

And Madam, load mat lena, its not personal! Aap bhi ab thoda sa toh muskurah lo… Come on Madam… Smile Please! ;-)

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Akhbaar Becho… Kalam Nahi!

honest-journalism-kyun-qnetJournalists should ideally be honest fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information; ensuring accuracy, objectivity, balance and fairness. A Journalist needs to be free of any obligation, whether political or corporate or personal or personal gain.  But in India, the condition of Journalism today can best be described in the words of the Irish poet Edward Eggleston – “Organized gossip”.

Take for example the story in Mid Day Mumbai on September 3, 2013 around QNet. Mid Day has lived up to its reputation of being nothing but a non-serious and sensational tabloid and a gossipmongers dream come true. Of course, the fact that journalism can fall to such a low in this country is shocking and a matter of grave concern. Lets look at why I call this story a gossipmongers dream come true. (sorry I can’t refer to it as a report or news article for the simple reason that a report or a news article has to be around facts while a story can be born out of fiction)


The story in the Mid Day is full of inaccuracies, misconstrued information, has factual errors, lies, contradictions, borders on the realm of a highly vilified imagination, has a lot of fiction and smells badly of bias and driven by vested interests. Why a journalist of the fame of Tarakant Dwivedi a.k.a Akela would drum up such a completely baseless story and how Mr. Sachin Kalbag would allow it to get printed just leads me to question the motive behind it… has Mid Day slashed salaries? Or has a different kind of Dalali started there as well??

Let me explain by getting into the story for a bit and go on point by point on how the story is full of gossip and blatant lies:

No. 1: The story starts by talking about how the EOW of the MUMBAI Police raided the offices of the company in BANGALORE and CHENNAI and arrested five of its officials and then released them after questioning as they obtained “anticipatory bail”  – Truth is not a single official of the company has been arrested till date. How can someone be released on an anticipatory bail… Anticipatory Bail by definition is in anticipation of arrest… it can’t be used after an arrest… Lol!!! Yes, Manjunath Hedge was arrested but he is not a company official /employee but an Independent Representative.

No. 2: The EOW of the MUMBAI Police raided the company’s office in BANGALORE & CHENNAI. – I agree ‘ki kanoon ke haath lambe hote hein’ but the company doesn’t even have an office in Chennai!!! Ahem ahem…


No. 3: The story talks about the company being banned in countries like Iran, UAE, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Rwanda, Turkey, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. However, one has to get into facts and real stories behind such ‘QNet banned’ meme that breaks out online and offline every now and then.

QNet-UAE-Office-OpeningUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) – Well in UAE the company for many many years has been operational with the blessings of the Royal Family there and is a registered company by the name of QNET Middle East General Trading LLC that manages the UAE operations with offices in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. See the pic on the side where for the opening of the QNet ‘s second office in UAE in Dubai on November 5, 2012, besides the various QNet officials including Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran, also present is none other than His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Bandar!!!


Turkey – Hahahaha! Jab aadmi apna homework nahi karta aur kisi aur ke ishaare par kaam karta hai toh aksar yehi hota hai! QNet is very much operational in Turkey and that too with a local presence through its Franchisee – QNet Promosyon which has its office in Istanbul.

Indonesia – This one takes the cake. I mean, I read this in the morning, rubbed my eyes a few times, re-read it and rubbed my eyes again. Indonesia for QNet is the second largest market in the World, if not the largest!!! QNet has three offices in Indonesia at Jakarta, Bali & Surabaya. In fact at the annual conference of QNet (VCon 2012) was held in Jakarta in September 2012 at a special invitation of the Indonesian Government. Very recently QNet signed MoU with Indonesian State Owned Postal Delivery Service to efficiently and swiftly distribute its products in Indonesia.

Iran – Particularly in Iran, there were no charges filed against ‘GoldQuest’ for corruption or anything else. QNet is now in fact banned in Iran but so is every other MLM company… The industry in totality is banned and not just QNet. Now, that’s a fact!

Afghanistan – The Afghan Government had temporarily put the license on hold only to review the MLM industry. The government reinstated the license once the review concluded. The fact is QNet is free to do business in Afghanistan. If it chooses not to, then its their call!

Sri Lanka – There is no indication or evidence that Sri Lanka has actively sought to shut down any of QNet related companies.

QNet-Rwanda-Office-OpeningRwanda – The Rwanda Government had to modify its retail codes to house new channels like E-commerce. Once that was done and the company pledged to abide by the laws, it allowed QuestNet to do business in Rwanda. In fact, on August 24, 2013 QNet has started a Regional Office in Rwanda. See pic on the left of the official launch of the QNet Rwanda Regional Office.

Syria – The Syrian ministry ordered to shut down QuestNet office in Syria. That’s true. But it also shut down all other MLMs in the country. Now that’s the bigger truth.

Nepal – In the month of May in 2010, the government of Nepal banned all Multi Level Marketing businesses therefore by default QNet also falls under that ban!

No. 4: QNet has been banned twice in India – Ya right! And QNet is so immune to bans that despite “TWO” bans they continue to operate in India with every possible legal certification. They pay tax, deduct and deposit tax on the earnings of IRs, operate as a company that has the nature of its business in its name (Vihaan “Direct Selling” India Pvt Ltd) using a platform that is on the World-Wide Web. Sure it is true that the company was unable to operate in May 2008 because of the happenings in Chennai. But from end of 2008 several court rulings in favor of QNet, especially from the Supreme Court, have since removed any doubt about the legality or legitimacy of the company in India. If the company was banned in India twice, then there must be at least one document saying so… a court order, a government directive, a MCA mandate, a noting somewhere in some file, something, somewhere… Mr. Dwivedi… I’m sure in the extensive research you would have done before printing this article you had have got these documents in your possession… do you have any document saying GoldQuest, QuestNet or QNet is /was banned in India or are you just trying to misuse the power that has been vested in you as a journalist to print what you “feel” or want to print for reasons best known only to you??? I urge you to please print a copy of any such document that you may have in your possession or otherwise be a man and print a retraction.

QI-TOWER-green-mark-kuala-lumpurNo. 5: The story also claims that QNet has cheated 50 lakh people in Malaysia, Egypt and Philippines – Yeah true!!! And for cheating 50 lakh people the Malaysian Government has bestowed the title of Dato twice and Sri once on the founder of the company Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran. See the picture on your dato-sri-receiving-national-honour-kyun-qnetRight… Dato Sri is being conferred with the royal honour by his highness Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang. For the same purpose, i.e. to cheat 50 lakh people, the company has an 18 storey tower called the Qi Towers (Left Picture) as an office in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and another similar office in Philippines. Egypt, well if you ever go to Cairo and stand in Tahrir Square and say that QNet is a scam or QNet cheats people, the chances are that you will start another revolution in Egypt, but this one will not be against the government but you! The people of Egypt love QNet and swear by what it has done for the country but to discover that you will have to go to Egypt. Egypt today is one of the largest markets for QNet. But of course this could be a result of mass hypnotism, right!!! QNet is also a member of the Direct Selling Association Malaysia (DSAM), Direct Selling Association Philippines (DSAP), Malaysian Direct Distributor Association (MDDA) and Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM) amongst other industry bodies. But of course the DSAM, the DSAP, the MDDA and the BEIM recognize and make members only companies that cheat in excess of  50 lakh people. Or Maybe QNet has also managed to hypnotise the DSAM, the DSAP, the MDDA and the BEIM officials! ROFL!!!

stop-payment-kyun-qnetNo. 6: The Parmeet Kaur /Gurpreet Singh Anand saga. There are many factual inconsistencies with the reporting of Mid Day about this case. Mid Day in its April & September stories has reported that Partmeet Kaur was “”hypnotized”” into buying a Bio Disc for Rs. 31,500 /threatened to pay a membership fee of Rs. 30,000… sorry what did she pay for… The “magical” Bio Disc or the membership fee for joining QNet??? The fact of the matter is that the complaint being referred to by Mid Day of Gurupreet Singh Anand was officially closed on May 18, 2013. The complainant, Parmeet Kaur (Gurupreet’s wife), vide a letter dated May 18, 2013 withdrew the complaint and submitted a letter to the Police Sub-Inspector of Oshiwara Police Station giving an undertaking in writing that she is not interested to press the case further against the Company. Almost after three months, the same case has suddenly and mysteriously resurfaced. In fact, till date, no financial transaction ever took place between Gurupreet Singh Anand or his wife Parmeet Kaur and QNet. They issued a cheque to another Independent Representative and also stopped the payment to that cheque before it could be encashed. The Oshiwara Police Station in its ‘B’ Report on May 18, 2013 said, “The complainant made a purchase of Mini MBA online education product from the Company and that the complainant did not pay the money for the same to the Company. On the contrary, the complainant bounced the cheque which was given. Hence, the complainant has filed a false complaint against the Company.”  The same Mid Day story also mentions two individuals – Navjyot & Mercilla Dutta as the perpetrators of the above mentioned “crime” and claims that they are the Employees /Directors /CEO of QNet India. Sorry I’m getting a little confused here… Mercilla Dutta is an employee of QNet, no no, she’s a Director of QNet… arre baba, nothing doing… She’s the CEO of QNet India! Come on Mr. Dwivedi, lets first find out the true designation of Ms. Mercilla Dutta… you never know, she might be The President of the United States! By the way, the Bio Disc is priced at Rs. 24,148 (inclusive of taxes) and not Rs. 31,500 and there is no membership fee to join QNet in India. The story further claims that the EOW after investigations filed an FIR with the Oshiwara Police Station on August 16, 2013. So you are telling your readers that the EOW of the Mumbai Police filed an FIR with the Mumbai Police… Huh.. Come again… Let me explain… the EOW is a department / sub-set of the Mumbai Police and they cannot file a FIR… they can investigate a FIR if the value of the case if above Rs. 50 lakhs. So the facts are that the EOW is right now investigating a case of value of Rs. 31,500 when they do not have the authority to investigate a case under Rs. 50 lakhs. Gurpreet Singh Anand at the behest of a few “journalists” who are forever looking for a “scam” re-filed his complaint on August 16, 2013… the same complaint that he had withdrawn on May 18, 2013… why Mr. Dwivedi??? Readership for Mid Day going down huh???

misleader-kyun-qnetNo. 7: I WAS THREATENED, CHEATED, LOOTED’ — Abhishek Sahay the CA. I think CA stands for Con Artist. Lets look at Mr. Sahay’s inspirational story of how he was threatened, cheated and looted in his dreams… I think he is still “hypnotized”. Mr. Sahay registered as a QNet India IR on August 1, 2013. He made a part payment of Rs. 1 lakh via cheque and the transaction on his insistence after he saw and understood the business plan (of course under hypnosis) was made via a credit card of another IR. He promised to pay the balance amount on the next day but when he went back home and told his wife and father-in-law in Chandigarh about this and asked for the money from them to pay the balance, his father-in-law admonished him and refused to give him any money after which he raised a request to the company to refund the money of the transaction. Even during the refund process he asked the company to only refund the money of the product purchase and if possible keep his IRship alive. In his mail dated August 8, 2013, he wrote to the Company, “If there is no cost with IR ship, Let it be active for future”. On August 27, 2013, QNet India refunded the money for Mr. Sahay’s product purchase and also cancelled his IRship as per their Policies & Procedures. In the Mid Day report he claims to have been met for the first time on August 31, 2013, hypnotized on the same day in a public coffee shop and the subsequent night he was made to pay Rs. 2.61 lakhs through his credit card or by a cheque. That’s a few days after the company had already refunded the money for his product purchase made a month back. Mr. Sahay, maybe the effects of the hypnosis are still there… maybe you re-purchased the product after one month??? And he claims that the business is a money laundering scheme… as I said, I think the effects of the hypnotism he suffered are still there… I think hypnotism is also contagious… see how Mr. Sahay has managed to hypnotize Mr. Dwivedi into writing the story in Mid Day today. By the way I also checked in every police station in Gurgaon and didn’t find a single FIR /complaint filed by Mr. Abhishek Sahay regarding his case contrary to what is claimed in the Mid Day story. Maybe the entire Haryana Police has also been hypnotized by the QNet representatives to not file Mr. Sahay’s complaint… I don’t know how they missed out on Mr. Dwivedi and how he didn’t get hypnotized…

hypnotism-kyun-qnetNo. 8: ‘THIS COMPANY HAS DESTROYED MY FAMILY LIFE’ — by none other than an Ulhasnagar resident whose wife is a QNet operative. The whole piece is sic. Frankly doesn’t even deserve a mention here but for the uninformed, the Ulhasnagar resident isn’t anyone else but the infamous ex media personnel, the same guy who Bloomberg threw out for reporting drunk days together… Mr. D you’ve moved out of your plush Juhu house to Ulhasnagar… why? Need some financial help?? If your wife runs out on you then by blaming a company doesn’t absolve you of your shortcomings. Unlike you, we would not like to use public forums to settle personal fights and cover up on what you couldn’t do to take care of our own wife and kids. Frankly the whole story and the claims of hypnotism, ‘connecting with the spirit world’, ‘past life regression’ and ‘how souls meet’ are so, so far fetched that we have decided as a group to not respond to them. We will leave this on the intelligence of the readers to decide for themselves. Just think, a company which does a turnover in excess of $500 million needs Mr. D’s wife to collect money in Thailand for itself… ya right!!! And Mr. D, by the way when your wife was running away with your children, locking cupboards, stealing money, emptying bank accounts and all that, what were you doing.??? Ah yes, trying to get out of being hypnotized! The fact is that everything was in the name of Mr. D’s wife as being a financial journalist he is prohibited from trading in the markets as he gets access to insider information by virtue of his position and profession but he did trade and used the insider information to make money that he shouldn’t have but unfortunately for him all of that had to be in his wife’s name… Please understand Mr. D, that at no point are we justifying the actions of your wife or Mr. Manjunath Hegde, in fact as a community we condemn them and our heart truly goes out to your children who will have to suffer the most in this. But the simple fact of the matter is that this incident has nothing to do with QNet or any of the other QNet IRs or officials… it a personal matter between you, your wife and Mr. Hegde.  So sort it out brother…

Vijay-Eswaran-Gandhi-kyun-qnetAnd lastly the lies about using the Mahatma to promote the business as alleged by Mr. Gurpreet Singh Anand. Well Mr. Anand, Mahatma Gandhi has been the company’s Corporate Icon not since 2011 but forever the company has existed. In fact Mahatma Gandhi is someone who Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran has modeled himself on long before he even started the company. Please read some of his writings before he started the company and that will confirm the fact Mr. Anand that Dato Sri is someone who truly follows the Gandhian principles. Just by shouting Jai Hind doesn’t make you a patriot Mr. Anand. It has to show in action.

Mr. Dwivedi, Mr. Sachin Kalbag (Mid Day editor)… hope you realize that by printing what you printed on September 3, 2013 you are just damaging the reputation you have as journalists, the reputation of the Mid Day and the Jagran Group. Because you also know that the truth will prevail, on that day where will you hide?

Finally, an appeal to the journalists of this country, please find a conscience and report what is right; report the truth. You have a responsibility.

Akhbaar becho, Kalam nahi!