• Our flagship product that deep-analyzes the web trail of internet users in Real Time – a powerful tool for brand managers and advertising agencies.
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  • The millions of data points that your research team has diligently gathered over time may be far more valuable than you could have ever imagined. RATIONALIZE is a data-intelligence application that ‘adds wings to your data’.
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  • Tracks basic digital campaign KPIs and provides intuitive algorithmic recommendationto marketers to better optimize their campaigns.

    It uses responses from consumers and their digital footprint tracking to provide insights about your digital media plans.
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  • A product which combines social and search data with programe ratings to predict the future of a television program or a movie. Looks at the Beta of top ten factors affecting ratings or box office performance.
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  • A Platform which can visualize and streamline various types of structured and unstructured marketing data through customized plugins. Cause uses Search , Social and ratings data and creates a single platform to visualize and create various analytics plugins for it.
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At TeraStack, our engineers employ the powerful M.A.I.D.S. Approach to provide clients with a development model that gives 100% Transparency and 3600 Visibility.

TeraStack offers you an Active-Intervention Software Development Model (MAIDS), loosely based on the Agile method to ensure that effective Project Leadership remains firmly in your control, at each stage of the development process. (More on the model here).

A well-qualified team of engineers trained on the MAIDS approach ensure that your product brief is converted into smaller deployable/shippable units, resulting in quicker development and deployment, with each packet accurately tuned to your requirements.

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  • Clearly examine the links between the imminent potential and actual sales of your brand. Know where your users are coming from, know your most valuable customer segments, and track against your other goals to optimize and realize your campaign.
  • Your objectives are benchmarked against industry databases to identify any gaps in the brand. Let us help you streamline your business in real time.
  • By linking up brand KPIs against the media buying, we help you to save money on your media buys. For the CPG catergory this can improve results up to 30%, as illustrated in our case study with a Chinese CPG brand.
  • The key advantage in incorporating Causect into your business is that you don't have to wait for the results to show. The marketing team can alter your marketing budget and affect your key business indications immediately.

Terastack’s flagship BI product is completely built on Python and we continue to develop very complex applications on Python.