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The Great QNet Scam: 15 years and counting!

15-years-qnetThe Great QNet Scam: 15 years and counting!

QNet has completed 15 years of scamming the world today. If for 15 years they have managed to pull the wool over the eyes of every government in the world, every authority, every court and about 9 million people and yet haven’t got convicted of any wrong doing anywhere in the world then I think we can safely call this company the Greatest Scam ever! And I think they deserve a standing ovation for doing so!!

Commendable don’t you think or maybe, just maybe its not a scam after all.

The dictionary describes a scam as “a fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit”. I think at least the dictionary meaning of a scam doesn’t any longer apply to QNet for neither is it a “scheme” but a solid business plan nor is it here to make a quick profit because for those of you who didn’t know, its QNet’s 15th Birthday today! If they were here to make a quick profit and run then don’t you think 15 years is a long time to wait before making a run for it. And by the way they are still not showing any signs of running away, in fact, all signs to the contrary, they seem to be wanting to stay here and continue the scam for a few decades more.

But why do some people think of or accuse QNet of being a scam?


The fact that QNet is labeled as a scam (by a few) is largely a function of the industry it is part of. Network Marketing from its inception has been under the scanner as like any other new industry it threatens an existing establishment. Who does Network Marketing really threaten though? The very people who are making the noise of course, which is why they make the noise! As an industry all Network Marketing does, is that it cuts out the spends on Marketing, Advertising & Distribution and gives that same money to its distributors or representatives. Therefore the one existing industry that really feels threatened by Network Marketing is the Media as their only line of revenue is advertising revenue and when Network Marketing becomes bigger and bigger it will eventually start impacting the revenues of the media houses. So, if you were a media mogul or boss, what would you tell your reporters… simple, don’t just let the industry or the future players survive… make sure you paint a picture that convinces ordinary people of the industry and its players as a scam! At the end of the day, it is an industry that lets ordinary people create extra ordinary wealth by ensuring that instead of a few people (read media houses, corporate honchos, big distributors /retailers) getting very robin-hood-kyun-qnetrich, a lot of people (read ‘us’) get a little rich. And within this industry, QNet in just 15 years has become the fastest growing company oops fastest growing scam in the world! I can bet, if QNet had been retailing these very products out of supermarkets and spending a lot of money on advertising its brand in newspapers and television, then by now they would have probably been hailed as a corporate icon instead of a scam. If I were you, I would think of QNet as the modern day Robin Hood!!!

Personally if you ask me, I think its just because QNet is a bit ahead of its time and is beyond the comprehension of these people who want to therefore label it a scam. So if you don’t understand something, just call it a scam. History is witness that most major inventions were initially thought of as scams or frauds and their inventors labeled as scammers or lunatics or crackpots. Some were shunned, some were ridiculed, some were persecuted and some were burnt.  But today, they are all hailed as geniuses who changed the course of history. Because eventually, true creativity can only be achieved if you take your mind to limits that are beyond the ordinary visible extremes. Now these extremes might appear to be ridiculous to some (in authority or in media). Thus it becomes a test of your nerves and ultimately what you are made of to pursue your idea or to give it up. After all, Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. So if someone today finds a cure for cancer, the chances are that they will also be labeled as scams or frauds till enough people actually get cured. Similarly, because QNet has found a cure for financial cancer, it too gets labeled as a scam till enough people actually get cured!

Another possible reason why QNet gets labeled (by a few) as a scam is because the very proposition it purports is a bit ridiculous for most people. Financial Freedom. Especially ridiculous for the people who are financially free to let others join that exclusive club. Its like apartheid or segregation or discrimination… whatever you may want to call it, its an attempt by the minority to keep out the majority. But a few morons who do not listen will still go out, find a rooftop and will keep shouting that its possible till the ridiculous dream becomes a reality. All great things invented and achieved in history have been the contribution of these ‘morons’. Let me describe a few of these morons…

caution-moron-kyun-qnetMorons are the ones who challenge the status quo because they do not like to settle for a lesser life…

Morons are the ones who don’t want to wake up one day, look back and regret…

Morons are the rule amenders… the game changers… the industry shapers…

Morons are the lesser mortals who dare to dream…

Let’s take a short walk back into time and meet the ones who got ridiculed, who got challenged but who were moronic enough to follow a dream…

The man who put a lot of light in our lives. Thomas Alva Edison.

The man who went about connecting people. Alexander Graham Bell.

The man who ushered in the Industrial Era. Henry Ford.

The men who gave us wings to explore the world. Wright Brothers.

The man who put a computer in every house. Bill Gates.

The man who created a computer for the rest of us. Steve Jobs.

The man who challenged every existing rule of business. Richard Branson.

The man who gave us a free India. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

The list is endless but the common thread amongst all these people was that these were the people who were plain and simple morons who challenged convention, broke conventional boundaries and explored beyond the ordinary and eventually changed the course of history and shaped the future.

Billion-Hearts-Kyun-QNetTwo such morons 15 years back took upon themselves to change things around in the world a bit and created a company called QNet. And as these morons celebrate the 15th Birthday of their dream, they continue to touch a few more lives and a few more hearts around the world and I know they will not rest till they have touched a billion hearts… oops again, scammed a billion hearts.

So here’s raising a toast to the longest running scam in history. May this scam continue forever. And as I write this today and get a little philosophical and glassy eyed at this poignant moment, I take a quote from Steve Jobs because I think that it best describes the people who have created this crazy dream and morons like us who continue to live and work for this dream called QNet:

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square dato-vijay-eswaran-japadas-bismarkholes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs

To the two crazy ones… Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran & Japadas Bismark… Happy Birthday!

Is QNet a Scam or any kind of a Cult?

You Have A Right To Do And What Is Right To Do!

So lately I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the “presumed” legal status of QNet and even more so, the ethics with which the business is done. Objections and statements ranging from the standard, it’s a scam… To it’s banned… To playing with people’s emotions to some strange ones like the use hypnosis and brain washing to the big one… QNet is a cult and an unethical one at that.

My first reaction is WOW… Some people really do have an active imagination!! Anyway, I’m a reasonable person and I will address all questions…the good, the bad and the silly. While many of the legal queries have been addressed in earlier posts, do watch this space for more on that… let me just talk about the ethics with which QNet does business.

code-of-ehtics-kyun-qnetAnyone who’s been involved with the business or has actually taken the time out to visit the portal, will realise that there is a very stringent and elaborate Code of Ethics right there on the home page of the website. It’s actually accessible for everyone to see, even if they are not a part of the business. It is accessible for general public for a reason… And the reason is, that individuals have the right to know the ethos and ethics of how business is done BEFORE they partner. It is accessible so that people may use that information to make an informed decision! AND THAT for me is the FIRST step to doing business ethically!!!! From the Code Of Conduct and Obligations of an IR to the Application of this Code of Ethics and an Oath is written down in black and white in order to remove all shades of grey!

Servant-Leadership-Kyun-QNetAnd that’s not all… The complete business Policies & Procedures are clearly re-iterated at the time of registering and purchasing, binding every network marketer to strict regulations and agreements. Any minor or serious breach of company codes or Policies & Procedures results in immediate action being taken against those involved. QNet like many other long-standing direct selling companies believes in achieving strong long-term growth and stability by creating a culture of ethical marketing. So much so, that multiple trainings and leadership development programmes are entirely centered around this very subject that the company takes extremely seriously. The QNet philosophy of RHYTHM and Servant Leadership are testimony to the fact that QNet takes the journey of this business to a deeper level of human understanding and compassion. In fact one of the largest teams within the QNet franchise takes the subject of Ethics and doing business the right way as a cornerstone of the business. How can a company like this condone unethical behaviour? It’s not in their DNA!

While the company and various teams do their best to keep things in the clear and make sure people understand the importance of Ethical Business Practices like not over promising or mis-representing the effort required or not being frank in general, there is always… and I mean always… one MORON out there who decides to flout all norms and training and the advice of peers.  But frankly that’s not a problem exclusive to us… Its an EPIDEMIC and exists in almost every company… Every industry… Every country! Allow me to elaborate…

moron-kyun-qnetCompanies like Citibank, Lehmann Brothers, Standard Chartered, Reebok, HDFC… Very successful… Definitely legal… And frankly with strict codes of ethics, have also had the above said “MORON” in their midst. No one is immune! It is an epidemic and no vaccination has yet been invented for common sense. But in defence of companies who have had a moron or two, I would like to say that just because one person flouted the norm, at no point does that make the company a scam and / or an unethical company… It just makes them companies who have had a Moron who took advantage… Makes them companies that have learned from misdemeanours of the said “Moron” and strengthened their policies and procedures to reduce further misuse by potential morons in the future.

A lot of jabber about scams and hypnosis and cheating people comes from not knowing the real story. Try asking about your 5 year plan from your boss – The answer will range from the ambiguous to the insane and if nothing else works…. Yup… You guessed it… Hypnotic brain washing…. THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME FOR THE RIGHT QUESTION… YOU DONT NEED A SALARY HIKE…. YOU DONT….. Well, you get the drift!! The only way to really sift fact from fiction is… Well… Just that! Let me state some facts for you:

QNet has been in India for 11 years… Which is testimony to the fact that it is not a fly by night operator or a company promoting a get rich quick scheme.

QNet has a registered office in India and has various legal documents like PAN, TAN etc to be a legal entity in India and conduct its business legally.

QNet has never been convicted in a court of law in any country in the world they distribute products and services in.

All the above facts just clearly prove that QNet is here to stay… QNet is here to help people change their lives for the better… QNet encourages, promotes and does its best to percolate best practices and ethical behaviour within the network.

QNet-ScamIs then, QNet a SCAM or some kind of a CULT? The definition of a cult as per the webster dictionary: formal religious veneration, great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement or work. Some of the better known cults and rather esteemed clubs of exclusive cults with cult like following:

Apple, Harley Davidson, Google, Ferrari, Manchester United and lots more!

So, if QNet is a cult, then it’s an ethical one and frankly, a damn good one! And if it’s a scam, then it’s a scam that teaches you to give back to society… It’s a cult that promotes humility through its philosophy of servant leadership… It’s a scam that encourages you to fly and soar and gives you a platform to reach your potential! The roots of the company run deeper than most of these baseless whimsical scam rumours.

If you’ve managed to stay with me so far, I’m guessing that you’re willing to comprehend and understand the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do… A difference that QNet understands very very well… And understanding that difference… Is Ethics, my friend!


For the sake of reference and ease of research, I give you a brief list of the top scams the country has seen:

As described by Wikipedia:

Incase you don’t get time to read… It has names like Vodafone, LIC Housing and literally every State of India! But frankly, we still buy products from and use services of some of the companies listed in the article… My question is “Why”?

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Written by “Ton”